100 Plus Paint Sealant

100 Plus Image

100 Plus gives new or refurbished vehicles a high-gloss and transparent protective coat. This unique sealant protects the paint surface from environmental influences such as UV radiation, acid rain, road salt and dirt.

  • A high polymer content sealant (not ordinary wax, teflon or polish) that vitrifies to a clear glass-like armour coating.
  • Shines to a brilliant, deep, wet-looking finish while enhancing the clear coat.
  • Maximum protection against paintwork damage caused by oxidation, acid rain and industrial pollutants, thanks to its EPPSTM (Elastomeric Polymer Protection System) formula.
  • Reflects harmful UV rays thereby protecting your paint finish against fading.
  • Special hydrophobic formula encourages water to run off leaving minimal water beads.
  • Eliminates the frequent need for waxing and polishing, with a protection that stays active wash after wash.

Car Care Tips

To ensure that your paint protection lasts longer, here are 3 simple regular maintenance tips:

  • Wash your car regularly – at least once every week is recommended – in the shade out of direct sunlight. Elevated paint temperatures cause the wash and rinse water to evaporate too quickly, increasing the likelihood of water spotting.
  • Wash your car with a good car shampoo (eg. Waxoyl Waxacid Shampoo) and with either a soft sheepskin or microfibre wash mitt. Dishwashing detergent is not recommended as they can strip off your vehicle's sealant or wax protection. Washing your car with any old soft T-shirt or flannel cloth can still cause swirl marks and fine scratches.
  • Any sighted bird droppings, tree sap or dead insect residue should be cleaned off immediately. Due to their high acidity, the longer they are left on your paint's exterior; it can eat away at your protective layer, subsequently clear coat and etch the paint's surface.