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About Opulent

Nothing can be achieved singularly. No individual or organization can excel on its own. In fact, existence is mutual. This is also the reason why happiness or success grows only when it is shared. Our ancestors knew this. That is why we have the custom of dining together, with family. And family means relationships.

At Opulent, relationships mean absolute dependability in deliverables. It begins with an undisputed, proven, hi-performance product. Secondly it is backed by an eager and enthusiastic team that meets delivery demands and contributes towards your goals. Thirdly, fresh new thinking ideas that help us to be proactive. So that we can act before the market can and retain the leadership status. What weaves all this together is our family and our people. This includes Opulent employees, business associates, partners, clients and patrons. They are held together by a certain set of values such as complete transparency, highest commitment, collective growth and sharing success. The objective is to create strong foundation of relationships, on which everybody's success tower can stand. Firm and tall.

Creating All-Round Value

At Opulent, business reaches beyond products. The emphasis is on delivering the right value to create a unique success chain across all layers. Involving our suppliers, partners, clients and employees. This is achieved by prioritizing their concerns and goals while drawing the growth plans.

Innovating With World Leaders

At Opulent, we have forged relationships with world leaders such as Waxoyl. The name Waxoyl stands for more than 50 years of experience in the battle against corrosion and weather damage. Trusted by specialists the world over: car manufacturers, railway contractors, ship builders and construction machinery producers among others.

Waxoyl AG, Switzerland, has patented breakthrough technologies in car care and corrosion protection, and has been the most respected company in over 100 countries around the world.

Madico develops products that protect people and the planet. All aspects of their business have been optimized to not only achieve goal, but also do so in an environmentally responsible manner. Their strategy ensures the highest quality products and the most sustainable practices

Madico consists of three solutions-focused groups, including safety and security, energy and future products. Madico is having 15 years of distributor relationships in 38 countries.