Architectural Window Films

There's an incredible and surprising array of benefits our window films provide to any building, whether it's the largest skyscraper in your city, or the smallest home on your street.

A Move Towards Green Building
A Green building should create delight when entered, serenity and health when occupied and regret when departed.

Green Building approach results in reduction of operating costs like water and energy.

It revolves round a concern for extending the life span of natural resources; provide human comfort, safety and productivity.

Save energy and reduce CO2 emissions
Madico window films can keep out up to 80% of the sun's heat, dramatically lowering air conditioning costs. In the winter, the same film helps retain interior heat, reducing heating costs. They also block almost 100% of the sun's UV rays, reducing the fading of your furniture, walls, flooring and other valuables.

Protection from Flying Glass
We pride ourselves on our Safety and Security products. From the branch of a tree or the errant throw of a baseball, hurricane winds or violent explosions, Madico‚Äôs SafetyShield® window films and attachment restraint systems are specially engineered to increase your safety.

Artistry & Privacy
Madico's View Control Films are a series of decorative film-to-glass products that combine form with function. They add artistic design, as well as practicality, to windows in any setting.

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