Advanced Ceramic Series – World's Clearest Innovation

Nanotechnology for "high definition driving"

Madico Advanced Ceramic films will forever change the way you look at, and through, car windows. A company that has proven its tinting expertise for more than thirty years is pushing the boundaries and breaking the rules. Not only does this state of the art product offer all the benefits you expect from window tinting, it gives you more of what you want... a lot more.

Incredibly, this new technology allows up to 61% of the visible light to penetrate the window. The result is crystal clear and "high definition driving"... a quality never before seen in tinted windows. While continuing to offer outstanding resistance against UV rays, infrared heat, and glare, niemT Advance Ceramic films eliminates the need for compromise.

Tinted windows that give your car far more than good looks, and for more than tinting ever has.

This brand new innovation offers
  • Exceptional optical clarity/ “high definition” visibility.
  • A lighter material, significantly reducing glare
  • Up to 99% blockage of UV rays.
  • Incredible heat rejection, up to 61%.
  • Up to 82% reducing in infrared heat.

Product Specifications
Advanced Ceramic MAC-3000 38 15 82 58 28 0.5 0.43 >99
  MAC-4000 47 11 77 52 34 0.53 0.49 >99
  MAC-5000 54 10 70 45 43 0.64 0.55 >99
  MAC-6000 63 9 60 36 54 0.72 0.63 >99
  MAC-7000 72 10 40 28 65 0.83 0.72 >99