Advance Ceramic Series – World's Clearest Innovation

Madico Advanced Ceramic is the world's first "high definition" window film for your commercial property. This incredible innovation combines all the benefits of traditional window films with the latest and most impressive advancements in the industry.

Advanced Ceramic Series allow a greater amount of visible light to penetrate your office windows, while effectively blocking harmful UV rays, heat and glare. The effect is a crystal clear view of the outside world.

And, Advanced Ceramic Series continue to provide the benefits attributed to our traditional window films:

  • Energy efficiency - Madico Window Films reduce HVAC costs by reducing the entry of solar heat in summer and retaining heat during cooler months.
  • Increased employee comfort and productivity by maintaining a consistent climate and reducing the effect of “hot spots”.
  • Enhanced appearance by eliminating visual clutter and creating a sleek, uniform appearance, while greatly reducing the fading of furniture, carpeting, and artwork by screening out 99% of harmful UV rays.
  • Safety - Madico window films, along with the health benefits of UV reduction, help to hold shattered glass in place in the case of an accident or disaster.

Product Specifications
Advanced Ceramic MAC-3000 38 15 82 58 28 0.5 0.43 >99
  MAC-4000 47 11 77 52 34 0.53 0.49 >99
  MAC-5000 54 10 70 45 43 0.64 0.55 >99
  MAC-6000 63 9 60 36 54 0.72 0.63 >99
  MAC-7000 72 10 40 28 65 0.83 0.72 >99