Corrosion Protection Program – New & Used Vehicles

The complete programme for cavity and underbody corrosion protection of your vehicle.

Aside from protecting cars, buses, utility vehicles and construction machines, it is also used in the rail, aviation and marine industries and in workshops, assembly halls, construction & bridge-building industry.

Waxoyl Professional 120-4 Cavity Protector

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Waxoyl Professional 120-4 is a long-term cavity protection against corrosion from the inside-out. Its atomized fine mist fogging action penetrates seams, crevices, cavities and other non-visible and hard to reach areas for maximum protection and inhibiting any existing rust.

Hardwax Flexible Underbody Sealer

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Hardwax Flexible Underbody Sealer will protect the underbody against damage from road salt, dirt, stones and gravel. Its special formulation ensures it stays flexible, adapting perfectly to all underbody shapes and prevents rust-through perforation in all treated areas. In addition, Hardwax also provides insulation for your vehicle, buffering temperature changes and sound proofing the underbody for a quieter ride.