Decorative Films

Madico's Specialty Films Division produces three solutions that meet critical needs in the areas of renewable energy, energy conservation, human safety, and asset security. Typically film laminates with specialized coatings, these solutions achieve high value performance in the areas of weatherability, durability, longevity and solar energy management. While applications may vary greatly, products developed by the Specialty Films Division are derived from Madico's 100-year history in invention, innovation and imagination. The company's leadership, culture and infrastructure allowed it to receive dozens of patents and trademarks, as well as boast countless industry "firsts."

Our decorative window film products are designed to enhance the visual environment; in creating them we are also concerned to protect the wider environment. The introduction of our 'Mother Green' range is one example of our commitment in this area. We have firmly established environmental policies, these are regularly reviewed and our performance against them measured.

Innovative self-adhesive films that transform glass into a vibrant canvas
Ideal for corporate branding, privacy, decoration, identification, advertising, manifestation & safety. Our range of glazing films can be quickly and easily installed in situ with stunning results making the design appear part of the glass. Available in a range of specifications, including printable clear, printable one-way vision, privacy and view control.

  • Glazing enhancement applies textured.
  • Frosted or digitally printed graphics to internal and external glass for a creative.
  • Practical or communication-led solution.
  • Cost effective, imaginative, easily installed in situ, durable but removable.
  • It's ideal for both permanent and temporary usage From advertising.
  • Branding and promotion to privacy.
  • Manifestation decoration and safety.
  • The applications are diverse – and the potential largely untapped.