Wherever there is a glass...we can improve it !!!!

At OPULENT we have forged relationships with MADICO in USA, Subsidiary of LINTEC CORPORATION OF JAPAN, world’s respected name for its first quality performance window film. This sets a new era of High-Performance differentiated technology window films to be applied on Automobiles and an architectural application.

What MADICO does

Madico dreams, develops and delivers innovative products that protect people and the planet. All aspects of their business have been optimized to achieve this objective.

The company is structured into three integrated groups: a team that delivers glass film that improve physical safety, a team that provides laminates that make better use of natural resources, and a team that pioneers solutions to tomorrow’s challenges.


Madico is more than the world’s preeminent manufacturer of metallized, coated and laminated films. They are more than a company that innovates practical solution to en energy and safety related challenges. Ultimately, Madico is a collection of dedicated people united by a single set of beliefs.

They believe a diverse workforce is a strong workforce. They believe remarkable solutions begin with the voice of customer. They believe respect is earned one customer interaction at a time. They believe harmony – passion for colleagues, clients, competitors and the community is the core ingredient for sustained leadership.

Madico is guided by the imagination of their customers and partners. They supply products that meet their needs today, and they are fast developing solutions that will meet their needs tomorrow. This is how they operate everyday…just as they have for over a century.

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