niemT - Stay Cool and Healthy!

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niemT is derived from the name NEEM TREE. It symbolizes the cool, soothing and rejuvenating experience of one standing under the NEEM TREE on a hot summer afternoon. niemT with extensive experience in the global market place combined with world-class scientific laboratories has engineered a premier line of films that offer both in car climate and health.

The niemT represents the most advanced window films technologies in the world i.e., IR SERIES, ADVANCED CERAMIC SERIES AND DESIGNER SERIES. Delivering extreme heat rejection niemT window films enables in car climate to achieve superior cooling and giving extreme protection against Infrared and UV Rays, thus protecting your health.

  • High total solar energy rejection
  • 5 yrs. product warranty.
  • Variety of shades matching style and performance.
  • Optical clear adhesive for highest possible visual acuity.
  • Dramatically natural light ensures safe drive.
  • Scratch resistant hard coat.
  • Added Shatters resistance.
  • Protection against interior fading.