Professional Detailing

Professional Detailing Program – Used Vehicles

Waxprep: A complete package for the interior and engine compartment as well as paintwork on vehicles, boats, caravans, mobile homes, etc.

Waxprep provides exceptional results in terms of high gloss and long-term protection.

Paintwork – Exterior Cleaning, Polish Preparation & Protection
To get the best results proper preparation of paintwork is a must. After thorough washing of the vehicle, Buffing Compound must first be used on heavily oxidized or scratched surfaces. In most cases the two-step programme of Finishing Compound and Final Finish will be sufficient to achieve a gloss. For long-term protection the vehicle should then be treated with our 100 Plus Paint Sealant.

Waxacid Shampoo Small

Waxacid Shampoo
For thorough pre-cleaning and chemical neutralisation (acid rain) of surface paint.

Pre Clean

Preclean ®
Removes silicones, oils, grease, resins and polymer-based sealants quickly and thoroughly right down to the pores of the exterior paint work.

Magic Clay

Magic Clay ® System
is a gentle surface paint cleaning treatment using soft clay bars in conjunction with a Moisturizer as lubricant, to remove surface overspray and contamination.

Polish Preparation
Polish Preparation

Buffing Compound
For quick removal of sanding marks on new and older paintwork as well as clear paint. Ideal for removal of orange peel, scratches (1000 – 1500 grit) and overspray.

Finishing Compound
Removes scratches (1200 – 2000 grit) and orange peel on new and older paintwork as well as clear paint. Ideal for nano-paints, spot repair of paint defects and removal of overspray.

Final Finish
For quick removal of sanding marks (2000 – 3500 grit) on new and older paintwork as well as clear paint. High gloss finish. Ideal for nano-paints, spot repair of paint defects and removal of overspray.

Polish Preparation 1

One Step
is a mildly aggressive polish to remove light scratches and oxidation while leaving a deep long-lasting gloss.

Paint Protection
Paint Protection

100 Plus Paint Sealant
gives new or refurbished vehicles a high-gloss and transparent protective coat. This unique sealant protects the paint surface from environmental influences such as UV radiation, acid rain, atmospheric pollutants, road salt and dirt.

Paint Protection 1

Cream Wax
provides protection against sun, salt, rain and industrial fall-out with a lustrous shine. It is preferred by classic and custom car enthusiasts as well as new car assembly divisions.

Paint Protection 2

Waxacid Paint Sealant
is great for the renewal and care of well-preserved painted surfaces which have been damaged by the environment. Specially designed for cars that have been treated with Waxoyl 100 Plus Car Paint Sealant and helps prolongs Waxoyl 100 Plus Sealant's protection significantly.

Engine Compartment – Exterior Cleaning & Protection
Engine Protection

Engine Cleaner
is a bioactive degreaser that removes oils, greases, waxes and tar thoroughly without scrubbing.

Engine Protection

Motor Care
protects the engine compartment from rust and oxidation and helps revive original factory materials.

Interior Cleaning & Protection
Interior Cleaning

Interior Cleaner
is a special formulation for speedy but gentle cleaning of leather, plastic covers and upholstery as well as fabrics.

Interior Cleaning 1

Clear Coat Protector for Plastic & Vinyl
refreshes and protects all plastic and rubber parts inside and outside.

Interior Cleaning 2

U.P.T. Fabric & Leather Upholstery Guard
is a specially formulated dirt-resistant and water-repellent protector for textiles and is suitable for fabric, leather and vinyl upholstery.

Other Cleaning Products
Other Cleaning

Waxoyl Wheel Cleaner
is excellent to clean badly soiled wheels, removes surface corrosion, wax and lime compounds.

Other Cleaning 1

Ultra Clean ®
is an exclusive top range product which cleans, preserves and protects all in one – suitable for window and glass cleaning, paint cleaning, chrome, rubber & plastic surfaces and accessories.

Other Cleaning 2

IR Tissue
is a professional cleaning cloth, rough on one side – smooth on the other, for thorough yet gentle cleaning of plastic, rubber and textiles.

Other Cleaning 3

Foam Cleanser
removes dirt such as silicon residue, insects, oil and grease from all kinds of surfaces namely windows, windshields, dashboard and also upholstery and carpets.

Other Cleaning 4

Rubber & Vinyl Dressing
is the perfect treatment to restore faded bumpers and trim; and refresh the colour of faded rubber and exterior plastic parts.