AMO films

Madico Specialty Films Division, together with Agion Technologies, a leading provider of natural antimicrobial solutions, have developed a revolutionary product that supports an evolving set of hygienic protocols. Madico has developed a coating that enables the production of a suite of Antimicrobial Overlay Laminates (AMO). These durable AMO films help make health care centers, hospitals and food processing facilities' surfaces cleaner by resisting the growth of bacteria, mold and fungus. The suite of AMO-branded products is comprised of AMO-400, AMO-TS and AMO-MS.

All AMO hygienic films share a common active ingredient, called ionic silver, which is a non toxic and environmentally benign inorganic biocide. Ionic sliver's efficacy has been proven in independent laboratory testing, and it is registered with the EPA and listed with the FDA and NSF. In fact, the ingredient is listed with the Cosmetic, Toiletry and Fragrance Association as a cosmetic preservative. Surfaces coated in AMO laminates enjoy greater durability because the substance is resistant to scratches, abrasions, bleach and other common cleaners.

AMO-400 is produced for environments that demand more than common sanitizers when combating contaminants. The easy-to-apply film can to be retrofitted without any training, allowing facility workers to inhibit the growth of microbes on countertops, sinks, walls, tables, electronic screens – virtually any surface.

Madico Specialty Films manufactures and produces a custom-cut, ultra-durable coating, called AMO-TS, for touch screen manufacturers. This material adds an antimicrobial-protected coating to a number of common-use devices, such as public kiosks, self-checkout scanners and bank machines. By incorporating antimicrobial technology into the screen's top layer, AMO-TS inhibits surface bacteria while safeguarding the unit against abrasion.

AMO-MS allows membrane switch makers to build an antimicrobial-protected surface onto virtually any device that contains a user interface. Such surfaces are especially prone to the growth of bacteria, mold and fungi. To ensure proper ink adhesion, the backside of the AMO-MS film contains a specially treated 7-mil PET. AMO-MS can be produced in either roll form or sheet form, custom cut to a CAD drawing. The material is currently undergoing a battery of tests at membrane switch manufacturers throughout the world, and Madico Specialty Films expects to see it become a standard component in health care, food processing and exercise equipment.