Madico's OEM impact films are designed to allow window manufacturers to meet rigorous safety standards quickly, easily and cost-effectively. The line consists of two products, Vision Span 1500 and Vision Span 400, with each name derived from the material's thickness.

Vision Span 1500 is designed for the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) seeking a viable alternative to laminated glass for making hurricane-rated impact windows to be integrated into an insulated glass unit. This 15-mil polyester material allows window manufacturers to meet ASTM 1886/1996 hurricane-impact testing while producing a lighter weight and more cost-effective finished product.

Windows constructed using Vision Span 1500 require only two pieces of glass – rather than the conventional three-layer structure – consume fewer resources and reduce unit weight by up to 40 percent, thereby lowering costs associated with window shipment and installation. The film cuts out an unreliable link in the supply chain, namely waiting for laminated glass to arrive, by allowing impact units to be assembled by the fabricator. The result is greater inventory control for the OEM.

Of course, these benefits only serve to complement the primary value of Vision Span 1500: allowing window fabricators to build, sell and ship products that ensure home owners the highest levels of protection against hurricanes, intruders and even ultraviolet light. To that end, Vision Span 1500 has been tested to and passed both the ANSI Z97.1 and CPSC 1201 Cat II Unlimited tests while filtering out 99 percent of the harmful UV rays.

Vision Span 1500’s 4-mil counterpart, Vision Span 400, allows OEMs to convert their existing annealed glass inventory into windows that meet all the requirements of tempered glass. And for companies that have committed to tempered glass, the scratch-resistant Vision Span 400 allows them to replace broken units and obscure designs with low cost annealed glass. The film is ideal for single-pane use or may be integrated into an Insulate Glass Unit (IGU) as a way to meet the requirements of ANSI Z97.1 and CPSC 1201 Cat II Unlimited requirements.

The Vision Span line also includes blackout, whiteout, brushed silver and silver matte-blackout spandrel films. These products provide architects with a fast and inexpensive way to conceal undesirable areas of commercial buildings and enhance the appearance of an array of glass-centric designs. The blackout, whiteout and brushed silver versions have been tested to ASTM C-1048.