Value Retain

Value Retaining Program – New Vehicles

Waxoyl offers one of the best car care and protection systems in the world. To prolong the life of the vehicle and optimise the resale value, we recommend that your new vehicle have the paintwork, interior and engine treated with protection.

100 Plus Paint Sealant

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100 Plus gives new or refurbished vehicles a high-gloss and transparent protective coat. This unique sealant protects the paint surface from environmental influences such as UV radiation, acid rain, road salt and dirt.

U.P.T. Fabric & Leather Upholstery Guard

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U.P.T. was developed as a medium to long-term dirt and water repellent treatment for fabric and leather. U.P.T. prevents stubborn stains which could be caused for example by spilled drinks or food.

Motor Care Engine Protector

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Motor Care is a superb product for the care and protection of the entire engine compartment, protecting the engine from rust and oxidation and also helps revive original factory materials.