Waxoyl 100 Plus Paint Solution

Experience the glow of a gleaming car moments after you treat your car right with Waxoyl. Is it any wonder that your car now makes a few heads turn around! A Waxoyl treatment never ceases to surprise you in what it can achieve.

High grade active polymer sealant with capillary action that fills paint cavities providing a solid protective layer on the paint with a high-gloss.

  • Grooms your old car to showroom condition.
  • Exterior protection that replaces the conventional quick-fix treatment.
  • 100 Plus Paint Sealant (not an ordinary wax or polish) that vitrifies to a clear glasslike armour.
  • Bonds to original finish to seal out natures atmospheric pollutants and harmful UV rays
  • Shields your paint finish against oxidation, fading and industrial pollution.
  • Eliminates the frequent need for waxing and polishing
  • Protection that stays active wash after wash.

Before / After Effetcts