Motip Dupli – Germany

Motip Dupli - Germany

Automotive paints, Putties, Priming, Filler & more

Since more than 50 years MOTIP DUPLI is European outrider in the field of spray paints and touch-up pencils. On a yearly basis, MOTIP DUPLI Group produces more than 80 million aerosols. The brand offers a wide range of products enabling every car to stay the way you have taken the delivery.

MOTIP DUPLI supplies a complete assortment for the automotive segment. For instance, primer and car repair lacquers for car repair & several special lacquers for tuning effects. MOTIP Car Repair Paints are very suitable to repair small damages and scratches in the bodywork. The MOTIP Repair Paint System consists of all required products to execute these small repairs. Car repair paints are also available in touch-up pencils, for instance ideal to repair damages caused by stone chippings.